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08 April 2024



"Honestly, the main problem is not that people like that exist, knock yerself out, but that Democrats persist in lionizing them. Mental illness is not only presented as normal, but as a kind of superior mode of living."

It's more a shaming of the folks who react against it. Folks like the reprobates here.

From the recent op-ed by Mrs. Rebane and the follow up denigrations from the usual suspects, it appears the local high schools have nearly collapsed.

fish ole'

FIle under: "Headlines that don't surprise me!"

Biden Scrambles To Buy Votes With New Taxpayer-Funded Student Debt Relief Scheme

But I get why Punchy likes him......


Don Bessee

You could say she and the other global warming acolytes are dumber than a box of rocks but that would be insulting to the rocks -

The View's Sunny Hostin blames eclipse, earthquake and cicadas on 'climate change'



Don Bessee

While the left calls anyone who disagrees a nazi they might need a little history education about the real NAZIs and the so called palestinas (there was neve a nation called palistine) and how so many NAZIs post WW2 went to work the Arab League such as Hitlers favorite commando Otto Skorzeny setting up sabotage and intelligence groups and so on and so on. Good for the Israelis putting a spotlight and those facts! -

Hitler receives the Grand Mufti of Palestine, with whom he speaks about future relations between Germany and the Arabic world, December 12, 1941, Germany - Second World War.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations spoke out forcefully against the notion of Palestinian statehood during a U.N. Security council meeting on Monday, going so far as to suggest that the U.N. had backtracked on its original goal of preventing the spread of Nazi ideology by supporting Palestinian statehood.

While speaking in the General Assembly, Erdan held up a World War II-era photo of Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, speaking with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Al-Husseini, whom Erdan described as "one of the founding fathers of Palestinian nationalism," was an enthusiastic Nazi supporter whose anti-Semitism was well documented. The Grand Mufti had pleaded with Hitler for assistance in getting rid of the British Mandate and the Jewish immigrants coming to the Holy Land

Erdan said the Palestinians’ goal of annihilating the Jews was clear long before the establishment of the U.N. or the State of Israel in the years following World War II.

"And from then until today, the root of this conflict has not changed. It is not a political conflict or about partitioning land," Erdan said. "It is solely about the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews."

Erdan accused the U.N. of committing itself to "reinforcing modern-day Nazi Jihadists [by] considering forcing the establishment of a Palestinian terror state."



Don Bessee

The fix is in and a pay day for for the failed chitown former mayor who is her own train wreck -

The Village of Dolton in Illinois voted Monday to hire former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a "Special Investigator" to look into Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

Starting Tuesday, Lightfoot will be paid $400 an hour to gather information on Henyard’s alleged spending and finance mismanagement as well as "any state and federal violations."

Ahead of Monday’s vote, Lightfoot said she understood the residents want to go in a different direction from Henyard, and promised to "follow the facts where they lead."

At the end of her investigation, Lightfoot will present a report to the Village of Dolton on her findings. The findings in the report will determine what happens beyond that.

Trustees also re-voted on issues the Dolton mayor had previously vetoed and about paying vendors and invoices that have not yet been paid by the Village.

The Village of Dolton, Illinois’ monthly town hall meeting once again made headlines last week for fiery confrontations with the scandal-ridden mayor.

Henyard has been accused of misdeeds ranging from weaponizing police in retaliatory business raids to spending taxpayer money on luxuries like traveling to Las Vegas. Last month, Henyard reportedly vetoed the board’s resolution to probe her spending over purported misuse of funds.

While the FBI has allegedly already begun to investigate Henyard for purportedly misusing her local police force, the board’s resolution had called for the FBI to do further investigation into her spending of the town’s money.



Individual Juan

MAGA Mothership Missive,

You must now hate RFK.

That is all



Gregory: "From the recent op-ed by Mrs. Rebane and the follow up denigrations from the usual suspects, it appears the local high schools have nearly collapsed."

Ah well, if it's the letter to the editor about the drop in test scores, I suppose you can just drop measuring things into the white supremacist bucket along with being on time, individualism, nuclear families, and the like.

I haven't seen them, but no doubt the usual suspects are merely drawn from the normal self-interested groups:

. The theater arts speech club kid who dearly wants to be a thought leader in an academically unrigorous world. (note: these folks genuinely benefit from the current situation).
. The older version of same, often wrapped up in both a bandanna and local 'non-profit' activity.
. Retired school administrators
. Local Democratic party apparatchiks who never seem to mention that fact.

Once LLMs have mastered the type, letters to the editor can flow like water. I suspect this is already true.

I do have to laugh at politically active K-12 teachers since in days of yore, at least in my experience, we not only didn't know a bit about their inclinations but didn't even know if these people were married or not. In the Era of Feelz, every school is a madrasa.


Individual Jeff: "MAGA Mothership Missive, You must now hate RFK."

ooh. This isn't a battle you want to get into. I can find 1000 anti-RFK statements from the Left for every one from the Right. If nothing else, he appears to view (correctly I think) that most anti-COVID measures were bullshit, so you can expect that to come up again and again and again due to the heavy investment people have in their epidemiological religion.

Now that he's in the mixmaster of modern American politics, the poor man will simply find himself used as a spoiler by both sides. Any news articles referenced are bound to be partisan nonsense.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 09 April 2024 at 07:57 AM

Great....now you've confused him! It'll take his poor wife a week to talk him down.

fish ole'

Well so much for hunting reflecting a respect for the majesty of nature.......

Wyoming hunter parades tortured wolf with tape around mouth inside bar before killing it...

Sometimes the small penis references make sense! Nice going assshole!



RFK is also eloquent in supporting the view that the CIA murdered his Uncle Jack.

Scott O

This is an interesting article. Most of it is an admission from the inside of NPR what we had already noticed for years. But this was the real reveal:

"But the role and standing of affinity groups, including those outside NPR, were more than that. They became a priority for NPR’s union, SAG-AFTRA—an item in collective bargaining. The current contract, in a section on DEI, requires NPR management to “keep up to date with current language and style guidance from journalism affinity groups” and to inform employees if language differs from the diktats of those groups. In such a case, the dispute could go before the DEI Accountability Committee.
In essence, this means the NPR union, of which I am a dues-paying member, has ensured that advocacy groups are given a seat at the table in determining the terms and vocabulary of our news coverage."

When you control the language, you can control the thoughts. It's right there in the contract. And when he writes - "...given a seat at the table..." - does anyone not believe that seat is at the head of the table? Just who at NPR would have the nerve to openly so much as quibble with the new masters?
Always remember this outfit is kept alive with your tax dollars.

Individual Juan

Invisible Scenery,

It goes without saying that maga must stand against any competition for Trump. The same goes for the anyone but Trumpers.

Individual Juan

Here is an example stupid things nationally recognized politicians and parties have done this week,

Trump and his so-called "abortion statement",

and not to be outdone, Arizona comes up with some archaic law from the 1800s, sounds typical for Kari Lake's neck of the sagebrush.

"Arizona's top court revived a law dating to 1864 on Tuesday that bans abortion in virtual all instances, another setback for reproductive rights in a state where the procedure already was barred starting at 15 weeks of pregnancy."

Scott O

"Arizona comes up with some archaic law from the 1800s,..."

Yeah - those old laws against rape and torture and murder and such...

Don't worry, Juanita - if you should happen to get your paramour of whatever gender pregnant, CA will let you kill the kid the very moment you can see the head coming out.


folks in AZ have some work to do if they want local MD's to kill their kids in utero.

Otherwise, they'll have to travel to Cali like my biomom did about 70 years ago.


Individual Jeff: "It goes without saying that maga must stand against any competition for Trump. The same goes for the anyone but Trumpers."

Naturally. It's like any political campaign. Of course, it didn't keep you from saying it.

Everyone has to pretend that Orange Hitler has a secret plan to save the world and that President Potato isn't a pervy old man with dementia being led by his staff (in both senses I guess).

You have to hand it to The Donald for being so robust, choosing the right parents is a gift. His other gift is working a crowd for an hour or two sans notes. That is *not* a trivial ability.

I simply view Trump as a hand grenade thrown into the perfect spot, into the middle of an anti-Western Culture bureaucracy staffed by insane people. Like the asteroid that hit the dinosaurs, you have to hope that the end result is better than the status quo.


re: Arizona and abortion.

Really, about all the Democrats have going for them is abortion at this point as any practical person is sick with all of their other nonsense.

Class warfare is out as the Big Money is firmly in Team Blue (remember Occupy Wall Street? lol. I don't either.) We can mostly agree that inflation is bad. Just reg'lar folks don't have a gain in unlimited immigration, of course they don't have a say either. COVID was a mess under both administrations. The antiwar folks and Biden's puppet masters are at odds. Seriously, a lot of people are tired of men-in-dresses (MID). There's still a bit of grifting money left in student loans and affirmative action of course, but those votes are already counted.

So what's left? Abortion. We'll ignore any nuance here and just have the human-life-at-conception people fight with the if it ain't breathin', it ain't a human gang. I have to admit that it's funny how much more radical pro-abortion forces are here than law in Europe (even Denmark!!!).


Oh, and Jeffie 1046a...

It appears that Trump has staked out the middle ground with the SCOTUS. It's up to the states.

A cool place to be at the moment.


re: Gregory@1:51

Well, according to Senator Karen on Twitter.

"Remember: this is brought to you by Trump. He supports cruel bans like these, & he made them possible by overturning Roe."
- Elizabeth Warren.

So obviously Trump wants to make the world JUST LIKE THE HANDMAID'S TALE!!!

Speaking of crazy wine women, I did like this one. It was a big ol' petition by members of the publishing biz so that Penguin Random House wouldn't publish anything by Amy Coney Barrett.


I mention because of this absolutely wonderful phrase at the start:

"As members of the writing, publishing, and broader literary community of the United States, we care deeply about freedom of speech. We also believe it is imperative that publishers uphold their dedication to freedom of speech with a duty of care."

So powerful and brave.

I realize that in the long run most of this will die off, but then it took 75 years for the Soviets to run the car into the wall. I guess that plate tectonics will end up being stronger than crazy activists, so it's all good.


jargon alert. This is one I hadn't heard before. From a UK government jobs posting...

"The Council is committed to achieving diverse shortlists to support our desire to increase the number of staff from underrepresented groups in our workforce. We especially encourage applications from a global majority background and, while the role is open to all applicants, we will utilise the positive action provisions of the Equality Act 2010 to appoint a candidate from a global majority background where there is a choice between two candidates of equal merit."

"Global majority background".

I really like that. Maybe it means that they'll only take Han Chinese applicants, but I somehow doubt it.

The Estonian Fox

scenes @ 01:14 PM

"choosing the right parents is a gift." Unfortunately, as we have all found out, those same parents skipped the part in which their 4-year-old son became civilized, by practicing give & take with his fellow 4-yo. It seems that the word "give" was excised from the Donald's vocabulary at that time, never to be heard from again. But that's just a personal note.

On a much more alarming note, the leftists have deputized the entire govt. to take - from everyone, so it isn't just a personal, but an entire governmental conspiracy to take. Even Jason Bourne only had so much to give to his govt. Conservatives have run out of 'give'. They have to begin taking.

Don Bessee

The great dumbing down at warp speed -

A new version of Scrabble is set to be released for the first time in 75 years and the updated rendition of the iconic board game is reportedly aimed at a Gen Z audience.

The updated version, to be released in Europe, will include two sides, one side with the original game for players who want to stick to the traditional version and a second, "less competitive" version to appeal to Gen Z players, BBC first reported. The second side, called Scrabble Together, will include helper cards, using a simpler scoring system that will be quicker to play and allow people to play in teams.

Broadcaster and British Scrabble president, Gyles Brandreth, told BBC Radio 4 Today that Mattel, the maker of the game, had done some research and found that younger, Gen Z people don't like the "competitive nature" of the game as much as older generations. In response, he said the newer version would be "easier" and "more inclusive."




re: The New Scrabble.

Good Lord. I thought you were kidding.

I wonder if the 'N' tile is worth -10 points.

Maybe it's time to invent a Monopoly game with squatters once a house is bought. Bank loans that are never repaid. Hundreds of 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards. The mind boggles.

Don Bessee

The perfect dem congress critter, its a wonder that she did not say the moon looks that way because of global warming. -

Spaced out: Sheila Jackson Lee tells Texas students 'planet' moon is 'made up of mostly of gases'



Scott O

"I wonder if the 'N' tile is worth -10 points."

Sure - for example: n'clusive!


re: scotto@7:08AM

It occurs to me that there's money to be made in Scrabble variations. A whole cottage industry erupts.

A good start would be Gender Scrabble.

Seriously, you could build quite a Scrabble dictionary from things like this:





It would also serve to properly program the youth, a sort of memorization of 'progressive' times tables.

Since we all live in Grift Nation now, it's time for everyone to monetize the crazy.

fish ole'

Whew....just in time....!

Scoop: Biden plans order to limit southern border crossings by end of month

Somebody woke C-nizzle up before the fifteen millionth and first u registered democrat made it across!

Not to worry I-jeff if you've put off buying your brown belly warmer till this point....I imagine this Executive Order will be rescinded when President Brainstem is re-elected and prices will plummet when supply surges after the holidays.

The important thing is to not pay too much now.....they'll be far cheaper in January/February!


PS: Have you picked out a new name for him or will you go with the one his poor parents selected?

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 10 April 2024 at 07:38 AM

It occurs to me that there's money to be made in Scrabble variations. A whole cottage industry erupts.

A good start would be Gender Scrabble.

Seriously, you could build quite a Scrabble dictionary from things like this:

Scrabble at least makes a pretense at following the rules of the language! For now!

Make it LGBTQIA Boggle and shake yourself through a wholesome night of family fun and confusion for ages 8 to 80!

fish ole'

C'mon.....you can do it.....push the lid up, drag that wrinkly carcass out of the casket! I know the sunlight burns but stand strong.....there's gloatin to do!

Joe Biden is Now Beating Donald Trump in the Majority of Polls

Sad though.......no reason to go on living after Bai Den wins again eh Punch™! I mean really......how many times can a guy sit through a Leonard Cohen medley without wishing the sweet release of death?


Scott O

Here's a great example of how to profit from our nation's preoccupation with leftist twaddle:

"Nakeema Stefflbauer, PhD, is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit FrauenLoop. She writes and speaks about how to center marginalized communities within digital ecosystems. She is currently a Public Voices Fellow on Technology in the Public Interest with The OpEd Project in partnership with The MacArthur Foundation."

Lord only knows how many tens of thousands produce "work" of this nature. I'm sure it's great for Nakeema.


re: scotto@10:08AM

God knows how large the ESG biz is. Obviously, it's essentially all a form of mafia fire insurance (nice building ya got here). I imagine that the net result, besides non-profit profits, is to offshore industries. It isn't like Chinese (or Russian, Indian, Mexican) manufacturers give a rip about this kind of thing.

It also wouldn't surprise me if this is also a measurable push towards automation as robots don't have gender or ethnicity for now. Economically, Grift Nation is just sand in the bearings of commerce.

Maybe in the future we can all have our own non-profits. A big ol' interlocked grift machine of grant writing, studies, and peculiar jargon. Amazon robots will deliver turquoise jewelry directly to your door produced by Chinese prisoners operating under an AI factory manager while we sell them US treasuries and swap ideas for charities, DEI notions, and activism concepts amongst ourselves.


Occasionally you read something surprising.

"The laptop was newsworthy. But the timeless journalistic instinct of following a hot story lead was being squelched. During a meeting with colleagues, I listened as one of NPR’s best and most fair-minded journalists said it was good we weren’t following the laptop story because it could help Trump. "


Well, not really that surprising.

Seriously, if psul were to read that article, assuming he reads any article, does it just look like a blank page? A foreign language? Really blurry? There must be some explanation.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 10 April 2024 at 01:23 PM

Seriously, if psul were to read that article, assuming he reads any article, does it just look like a blank page? A foreign language? Really blurry? There must be some explanation.

"There must be some explanation."

There is......

Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.

"Protective stupidity".....Punch could teach a Master Class!


fish ole'

It's a progressive/democrat run city....I'm sure they'll have things turned around and "ship shape" in no time!

The Real Estate Nightmare Unfolding in Downtown St. Louis


Don Bessee

Well it looks like West just gave Michigan to Trump and perhaps more -

West’s selection of Abdullah, a Muslim Black woman and a member of the board of directors for Black Lives Matter Grassroots, could further advance his outreach to Muslim Americans and Black Americans disenchanted with President Joe Biden.

West’s choice of a Muslim running mate accentuates his push to appeal to Muslim American voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war. West has met repeatedly with pro-Palestinian activists across the country, including in the battleground state of Michigan, and regularly describes Israel’s military actions in Gaza as “genocidal.”

West used the recent police shooting of Dexter Reed in Chicago and the Israel-Hamas war to draw a contrast between him and Abdullah and Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.



Don Bessee

Tru dat -

“He does two or three events a week where he’s cutting a ribbon on a bridge. And here’s a bridge,” Klain said. “Like I tell you, if you go into the grocery store, you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive, the fact that there’s a f‑‑‑ing bridge is not [inaudible].”

Klain, who served as Biden’s chief of staff for two years before leaving in February 2023, acknowledged it was a “positive thing” that Biden’s administration had signed legislation investing significantly in infrastructure projects, but he called it a “fool’s errand” for the president to spend so much time highlighting it



Scott O

scenes 1:23 - Power Line had a run with that story and it led to this from 30 years ago:
Basically the same story but from over a generation ago. Here's the best part:

"One of the most telling moments of my ordeal-by-NPR came while Linda Wertheimer was interviewing a computer developer on what will happen when computers are linked into televisions—the so-called intelligent TV. He predicted the development of literally hundreds of new interactive television networks and services “that would give the individual TV viewer an incredible amount of power to program for their own tastes rather than have to rely on these programming guys.”

Replied a perturbed Wertheimer: “Is there any way we can dodge this bullet?”"

Wow - from 1993!
It turns out 'they' have certainly been trying to dodge the bullet for some time now. Back then it was bad enough that a fat white man from Cape Girardeau was on the radio telling people stuff they weren't supposed to be told, but here's a tech guy telling NPR that soon Americans could have the freedom to do their own programming! Yikes!
"Is there any way we can dodge this bullet?"
Indeed - she's not stupid. She groks the deal at once.
Americans having access to different lines of information??!! Horrors!!
Remember when well meaning, but naive voices proclaimed that the internet couldn't be controlled and would open the entire world up to all information?
The Blob was not amused and took action.

Scott O

"Credit-Card Delinquency Rates Were Worst on Record in Fed Study"

It's election year...

C'mon, Biden - you know you want to.
Think of all the grateful voters...
I'm sure there's some kind of executive action you could take!

Scott O

The Biden admin is hilarious!

"US Slams Strikes on Russia Oil Refineries as Risk to Oil Markets"

Hey Ukraine - we just wanted you to kill Russians.
Not the petro depots, fer Gawd's sake!!!

Ha ha - I mean, going after the bad oil people - that's just what we do in California!
That's not what you should do, damnit!

Scott O

It just does not stop:

"California has failed to adequately monitor the outcomes of its vast spending on homelessness programs, according to a state audit released Tuesday..."

Welcome to America.
Since when have we worried about the end result of money spent by the govt in pursuit of "hopes and dreams"?
"If it saves one life"
"It's for the children"

Don't worry - our printing presses at the mint are the fastest in the world.

Individual Juan

Come on guys, you can come up with a way to blame Biden and Democrats for "New Scrabble",

can't you?


re: scotto@8:08PM

That was a good article.

It's probably just best to view NPR as a sort of 'progressive' mood music. It's a kind of soothing background to your life with calming voices telling you how smart and caring you are, clucking at bad things, with the occasional knowing (wink wink) joke.

Like any zealots, the modern Left will always find the choke point for control. Search engines are steered to goodthink, social media (up until the liberation of Twitter) only allowed doubleplusgood posts, movie and TV series plots and casting rectifies the past, and AI will be steered to create unpersons and duckspeak as needed. If anything, the internet serves the purpose of prolefeed more than as a source of oldthink.

I'd say that AM radio (and any other uncontrolled broadcast media) will fade out over time, statues will topple, all media centralized and bowdlerized, as we sail into a future designed by white wine swilling cat-collecting Karens. It's unlikely that Emmanuel Goldstein will save the day.


" a way to blame Biden and Democrats"

It seems to me that those are both symptoms, not prime movers. God knows that Biden, a husk of man and never the sharpest tool in the shed, isn't driving the ship.

The problem is that the Democrats, being opportunists like any political party, are surfing a wave of insanely dysfunctional people.

A person who can't see that is willfully blind.


Apropos of nothing.


Probably a disliked officer. There's some armorer out there who is now a living legend.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 11 April 2024 at 09:00 AM

Hey....why's everything so small?

Scott O

There's probably fresh boot black on the "eyepiece" as well. The photographer either is ignorant as well or else in on the gag.

Individual Juan

"a wave of insanely dysfunctional people"

Have you been keeping track of McClintock and Johnson's House Repubicans?


It's all I can do to keep track of Individual Jeff's insane ravings.

Scott O

"Have you been keeping track of McClintock and Johnson's House Repubicans?"

Actually - I think it's the sign of a healthy govt at work. Principled people with strong views fighting for what they feel is important.
The Dems are, of course, much smoother. The money comes in - orders are given - and the bobble heads on the left all fall into line and vote as they are told.
The Blob Republicans and RINOS are getting smoked out.
Their little cocktail party is over. Good.


re: Individual Jeff@11:56




"It's all I can do to keep track of Individual Jeff's insane ravings."

It's just the Philosophy of Feelz at work. 20 years of nonsense from the internet and coffee shop echo chambers will do that to a person.

I wonder sometimes if it isn't just simply the removal of people from physical reality. These people either don't work at all, or deal purely in increasingly abstract concepts several generations removed from touching grass. It isn't like a machinist, commercial farmer, or civil engineer would be as stupid as a local 'progressive'.

Maybe it's all a good plan. As AIs potentially take jobs from people, the only thing left will be gigs like 'activist'. It doesn't prepare you to be a truck driver, but is wonderful training for a city council slot.


scotto: "There's probably fresh boot black on the "eyepiece" as well."

lol. One can only hope. The original post was quickly taken down, although the Web has a long memory, so you just know that *someone* is in trouble.

Individual Juan

OJ's last tweet,


Probably will be much like Trump's.


"Probably will be much like Trump's."
-Indy Jeff 211p

No, it won't.

Individual Juan

Finally getting somewhere updating the firearm regs,


Don Bessee

The wokesters are truly a waste of space -




"The proposed rule reinforces and makes clear that there is no gun show loophole, there is no internet loophole recognized under federal law."

Indy Jeff, you missed a spot... there is no "gun show loophole".


"there is no "gun show loophole"."

It's just a bit of raw meat for Team Blue.

I was thinking about politics today, there was a bit of President Potato on the radio neenering on about 'weapons of war' and whatnot and it seems to me to be a bad move.

Generally, politicians, especially ones run via remote control like Biden, need to stick to a couple of things.

. Things they'll give you.
. Things the opponent will take away from you.

Everyone is going to get sick of how TRUMPGONNATAKEOURABORTIONRIGHTS will go on and on, but I think it sells better than removing a right from the audience.

Don Bessee

And they wonder why the shift away from creepy grampa joe -

California's stifling environmental policies harming Latino workers as White middle class flees state: study



Scott O

I read the article concerning new regs on firearms sales. I'm sure this will be going to court. It's overly broad, it "presumes" facts not in evidence, and will certainly not reduce fire arms violence one bit.
Only an idiot thinks this has anything to do with public safety.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and his wokesters have shifted a lot of the electorate away from the dems -

The poll also reported that 42 percent of Latinos support a border wall, and 38 percent support the forced return of migrants to their home countries — despite pro-migrant sympathy in their own families and neighborhoods.

These poll numbers are much higher than in December 2021, when just 30 percent of Latinos supported a wall and 28 percent supported deportations.

Sixty-four percent support “giving the President the authority to shut U.S. borders if there are too many migrants trying to enter the country.”



The Estonian Fox

Scott O @ 08:49 PM
I prefer to use the words of Wassily Leontief, who liked to use quantitative data in the study of economics. Throughout his life, Leontief campaigned against "theoretical assumptions and non-observed facts" (NOF).

NOF has a really good tone to it.

Mr. Leontief was the 1973 winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences (in Memory of Alfred Nobel), erroneously called the Nobel Prize in Economics. You know, the one that Paul Krug..., that well-known hater of America & capitalism, revels in.

The Estonian Fox

A small brouhaha occurred tomorrow at the funeral for OJ - reports of a disembodied Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman spread through the crowd of grievers. One medium calmed everyone down, saying "It's OK, the two only wanted to make sure that he was dead. Nicole brought her Hattori Hanzo sword just as a backup."


"Only an idiot thinks this has anything to do with public safety."

In a Feelz-Based world, I think it's part of a Shining City on the Hill that 'progressives' see as a goal.

They generally like the idea of urban walkable living, coffee shops, mass transit, weapons-free societies, high-efficiency apartments, lack of privately owned cars, universal surveillance, guaranteed incomes, and lots and lots of people from the Third World to provide diversity. Any time you hear the word 'vibrant' used unironically, what is meant is a kind of idealized Amsterdam.

Naturally, you have to force everyone else to get along with the program, and you end up with a cityscape similar to Cape Town or Mexico City, but that's just because we haven't hit True Socialism yet. Luckily, there's always a fresh group of non-working young people to add revolutionary fervor to the mix, and I hear that labor camps can be quite nice this time of year.


E. Fox: "NOF has a really good tone to it."

I like that, I'll check him out.

I'll counter with "pretentious nebulous verbosity" from Stanislav Andreski's tome "Social Sciences as Sorcery".


Individual Juan

Trump says, "sometimes referred to ObamaCare".


He was against it before he was for it.

President Orange Sunshine continues to hallucinate.

Scott O

NOF - yeah, the govt thrives on that. Makes it more efficient. No need to have to prove anything or provide evidence or intent. If you have a wad of cash on you while they're rummaging through your stuff, they get to "assume" you were up to no good and just take it. If your company hasn't got the required mixtures of skin tones, they "assume" you're a racist.
Now if you're selling a few of grandpa's old shooters, they get to "assume" you're a dealer.
Wait til we get to all e-cash. The govt's all-knowing AI snoops will be "assuming" all manner of things about you.


It was no hallucination that, contrary to the promise, I couldn’t keep my doctor or my plan.

fish ole'

It was no hallucination that, contrary to the promise, I couldn’t keep my doctor or my plan.

It was no hallucination that, contrary to the promise, ShitCare™ is driving regional hospitals out of business forcing people to travel sometimes hundreds of miles for service.

Remind me again to care when you (Individual Myocardial Infarction) are being forklifted into whatever they press into service as an ambulance for the long, long trip to the ER (or more probably the morgue) once your lifestyle (and your local hospitals financial woes) finally catch up with you.

Individual Juan

Medicare is very very good to me,lol

fish ole'

Posted by: Individual Juan | 12 April 2024 at 12:13 PM

Tick tock.....


"Mediscare is very very good to me,lol"

No Jeff, it isn't. But its happy you're happy.




An article I ran into opining about how deep the rot goes.


At least the internet makes it easier to produce samizdat.


"Medicare is very very good to me,lol"

I expect that you haven't tested the edges of it. It's a gigantic gift to people who didn't contribute much to the system, for good or ill.

Of course, the real fun fires off for those who don't just die peacefully at home and deal with any long term care situation. Given the expense (is $1M enough? $2M?), there's no telling what the right answer is here, or for healthcare costs generally. At some point gatekeeping and low marginal gains on spending more money will collide with the economy generally.


Just one of those little stories about what we might think of as the 'Biden Era'.


Individual Juan

How to make a MAGA,

Rep. Gino Bulso filed an amendment to allow first cousins to marry in TN if they see a genetic counselor.


Individual Juan

I anticipate a booming new job classification in MAGA World.

Genetic Counseling

Scott O

"I anticipate a booming new job classification in MAGA World.
Genetic Counseling"

Well - it's too late for your parents, Juanita.

Don Bessee

SCOTUS has told cali to get their hands out of home owners pockets with those crazy mitigation fees 9 - 0 --



Don Bessee

Looks like another schiff for brains story does not hold up over time again and again -

DC National Guard whistleblowers to say they WERE ready to be deployed on January 6 on Trump's orders hours but were held back by the Pentagon in bombshell testimony contradicting Capitol riot committee's story



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Question of the day.....

Can The US And Iraq Move Beyond Military Ties?

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani is in Washington next week with both sides hoping to expand their economic relationship...

Jeez can't this Al Sudani guy read the FAQ at Biden.com...fill out the online form and mail in your 7 figures check. Coin Operated President will take a look and maybe something can be worked out.

Don Bessee

Emperor gavins fast food wage hike is a job killer -

Abusinessman who owns 140 Burger King franchises in California will slash workers’ hours and expedite the rollout of self-service kiosks to cut down on labor costs in response to the state’s new $20 minimum wage.



Don Bessee

Tru dat =

Dr. Phil shuts down DEI guest advocating 'equality of outcome:' 'Been tried, didn't work, called Marxism'



Don Bessee

The pendulum has swung back to the middle so sorry creepy grampa joe -

New data reveals voters are shifting to this major political party ahead of heated 2024 rematch
American voters are almost equally split as either Republican or Democrat, new data finds



Scott O

Say - here's a dandy idea:

"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders have introduced a groundbreaking proposal to place public housing at the heart of America's transition to clean energy, according to The Guardian."

"This visionary legislation proposes investing between $162 billion and $234 billion over the next decade to decarbonize all public housing units and build even more green homes."

Wow - "visionary". It's not spending - it's 'investing'!

"It's a win-win-win: better homes, better health, and a better planet."

And it's an investment - we get all the money back with interest - right?

Scott O

This will certainly attract business:

"Crime-Ridden San Francisco Seeks To Allow Lawsuits Against Grocery Stores Fleeing The City As Mass Corporate Exodus Continues"

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Don't know what you can say except......it's Progressive America™ now.....!

Here's the full text of his post:

The MV Dali collided with the Key Bridge in Baltimore three weeks ago and so little has been done for remediation that if this was happening in Russia or China we'd have people writing Ph.D dissertations on this website about poor state capacity and shaken trust in "regimes."

Let's look at the current status of things three weeks in:

M/V Dali remains aground and has not been freed from bridge debris, let alone unloaded, refloated, and evacuated to drydock
Practically no progress has been made clearing debris, because:

The handful of small floating cranes on site are obviously not up to the task, because:
Apparently the Biden Administration decided this would be an ALL AMERICAN salvage effort and refused to bring in foreign crane ships with far greater capacity, thus:
Workers are being endangered by being ordered to cut the bridge debris into small chunks manageable by the low-capacity cranes on site, complicated by the fact much of this work must be done underwater

The Port of Baltimore remains closed to all heavy traffic and authorities expect it to remain closed through at least May, which is very optimistic
Officials expect a replacement bridge might be inaugurated in a decade, which could itself be optimistic.

Let's pause for a moment to contrast this with Russia's Crimean Bridge, the longest in Europe, which, per Wikipedia, was completed within four years of its contract being awarded. And when spans of the bridge were destroyed by Ukrainian attacks, in each case, the bridge was fully repaired and reopened within months.

Back to Armchair Warlord:

Let's be real - if this had happened in China the port would have been open in days and construction on a replacement span would be underway as we speak. This incident is beginning to illustrate the decline in the real state capacity of the United States of America in the starkest possible terms.

It's hard to argue against that. Not only does America today struggle with large infrastructure projects, it also can't defeat a bunch of Houthi rebels, despite having the largest navy in the world. If only the men running our government and Boeing were as talented as the ones building personal jets.

Maybe if we recruit a bunch of school aged children, equip them with "Bridge Lives Matter" protest signs and send them out to fuss, caterwaul, and shed tears in front of the media then something will be done! I think I heard they were working on carve outs for hiring Black, Lesbian paraplegics for the structural steel (High Walker) work and that was slowing the process a bit!

That's the magic that makes things happen in lowest quintile America these days!


re: building bridges.

Maybe the bottleneck is finding enough DEI Compliance Officers for the Guys-Who-Hold-The-Signs union. We probably need a 'non-profit' 'business' consulting firm to come up with a grant proposal on a study on how to increase hiring efforts.

meanwhile, in California...


plus, naturally, a whole passel of


The thing is, it just never ends.

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Posted by: scenes | 13 April 2024 at 09:25 AM


Seems the only thing government is good at these days is staging these signings. The audience rapt and fervent watching charlatans like Biden and Newsome sign useless pieces of paper.....

George Rebane

Re 938am - When one realizes the real purpose of the "useless pieces of paper", and the resulting impact it has on the progressive (double meaning) destruction of America, then the real utility of those useless pieces emerges.

Individual Juan

Looks like most that inhabit these pages would consider the Equity and Inclusion Leadership Alliance (EILA) of Nevada County a hate group.

Since most of the government entities are included in the Alliance,

all's y'alls might be more comfortable in Arizona, The Land of Kari Lake.

"The newly named, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Alliance (EILA) is a coalition committed to reducing bias and inequality in Nevada County institutions, including healthcare, law enforcement, education, and more. Following the death of George Floyd and many others throughout the United States, the group was formed to both speak out and learn more in order to create sustainable change and greater understanding across the communities served. The Alliance, initiated by President/CEO of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Dr. Brian Evans, is still in a formative stage and currently includes local non-profits and community leaders as well as executive level leadership and representation from Grass Valley Police Department and Nevada City Police Department, Nevada County Sheriff's Office, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools , and the County of Nevada. All are committed to the stated goals and will continue to explore new levels of accountability within their spheres of influence."


Individual Juan

Posted by: scenes | 11 April 2024 at 03:41 PM

"President Potato"

What will it mean if Trump loses to a potato?

Individual Juan

Trump Clown Show on the road again,


fish ole’

Posted by: Individual Juan | 13 April 2024 at 10:54 AM

What will it mean if Trump loses to a potato?

Don’t know …..probably the same level of absurdity as a white 500 lb. geriatric sprinkling his comments with “y’all’s”.

Scott O

Idiot Juanita - "Looks like most that inhabit these pages would consider the Equity and Inclusion Leadership Alliance (EILA) of Nevada County a hate group."

Naw - just a bunch of virtue-signalling nit-wits with no apparent ability to actually do something tangible to improve Nevada County. To wit:

"...the group was formed to both speak out and learn more in order to create sustainable change and greater understanding across the communities served."

Go on, Juanita - tell us all exactly what that means.
Other than the obvious - more swell cocktail party fundraisers.

I'm sure they all mean well, but it's just a stupid joke for light thinkers.

Scott O

"What will it mean if Trump loses to a potato?"

H. L. Mencken explained that decades ago.

fish ole’


Our working theory is that someone noticed that the mattress ticking that he’s stuffed with was leaking out along a seam and that he was hurried back for some “upholstery” work and a quick re-lacquering. He needs to look shipshape for his “John Gill” routine in front of the microphones when the Iranians start chucking cruise missiles tomorrow.

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