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29 May 2024


Arlene Moore

These seem to be the major issues: law enforcement, mental health facilities, and possible work programs to help those WANTING to transition out of homelessness. Free hand outs of any kind do not encourage people to be independent, responsible for their own choices and behaviors, or to really turn the corner and actually contribute to society.

My insights:
Funding has been diverted to WOKE issues: DEI(eliminates incentive to actually EARN something, illegal immigration( wrong on too many levels), and socialist, watered down curriculum in institutes of learning(K-adult). These issues, including the dissemination by some of our cherished family and religious values, are dismantling the very foundations of our culture and country.


I just assume that you could give anyone who thinks they can solve homelessness a billion dollars and a few years, and nothing would be accomplished.

Police chiefs included.

All the reasons sound logical, but it strikes me as handwaving central.

Barry Pruett

Thank you George for that hat tip but Sierra thread is not mine alone. I am joined by some great people in a collaborative effort to uncover local government abuse. Indeed, I am but a small cog in the wheel.

George Rebane

Barry 940pm - Thanks for the correction Barry. Keep doing a great job in exposing the ignorance and corruption (and atrocious benefit packages) in the Rood Center et al. Nevada County continues to be a bureaucratic mire that hassles its residents, hinders development, and punishes its small businesses.


In the good or bad ol' days, bums in Nevada County were driven to Placer in police cars.

A past courtesy.

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