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17 June 2024


Don Bessee

AHHHHHHH fresh kitty litter! -

During the first press conference in about three weeks, reporters asked Jean-Pierre if the White House was “worried” about Biden’s curious behavior that “appears to be a pattern.”

The questions came after a video on Sunday showed former President Barack Obama walking Biden off the stage after the president appeared to freeze at a fundraiser. Another video from last week appeared to show Biden wandering off into the distance in Europe before Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni turned him back to the group of world leaders watching a skydiving show.

Neither video was accurate, Jean-Pierre claimed, repeatedly avoiding questions about whether or not Biden is “fine.”

“Yeah. We, and I think you all have called this the ‘cheap fakes video,’ and that’s exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video. … They are done in bad faith,” Jean-Pierre told reporters.

About one-third of Democrats doubt Biden’s mental fitness, a Harvard/Harris survey recently found.
Another poll revealed that 82 percent of Americans harbor concerns about Biden’s physical and mental health.
Only about one-third of voters say Biden is physically or mentally fit to serve a second term, Quinnipiac found.



Scott O

Winner of today's "least self-aware" award:

"Rep. Maxine Waters stood at the podium in front of a federal judge to tell him of the nightmares that stemmed from a Texas man's threats..."

The US Atty. adds to the merriment:

"Threats to harm or kill elected officials are anathema to our nation’s values and must not — and will not — be tolerated,” U.S. Atty. Martin Estrada said"

I'm surprised they didn't add a quote from Schiff about how terrible it is to threaten public officials.

No one is above the law, but there sure are a boatload that are invisible to the law.

Don Bessee

Dont believe your lyin eyes -



Don Bessee

Its official now SF is the queen of the shitholes -



fish ole’

Godspeed Willie Mays!

Don Bessee

That will leave on mark on team creepy grampa joe -

“I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet in the polling of anything,” Enten told anchor John Berman. “We’re careening towards a historic performance for Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.”

Trump appears to have made particular inroads with younger Black voters, he suggested. “Look at Black voters under the age of 50. Holy cow, folks! Holy cow!”

Support for Biden among that group has “careened down” from an 80-point lead in 2020 to a 37-point lead now, Enten detailed. “That lead has dropped by more than half. I’ve just never seen anything like this. I’m, like, speechless because you always look at history and you go, ‘OK, this is a historic moment.’”

Enten said it could point to “a historic moment right now where Black voters under the age of 50, which have historically been such a big part of the Democratic coalition, are leaving in droves.”



Don Bessee

A seismic shift? =

Former Obama fundraiser disenchanted with Dems flips to Trump: Biden 'asleep at the wheel'



Don Bessee

Decisions, decisions should team creepy grampa joe and the socialists go with the kackkler in chief or cankels???

Democrats could replace Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton, columnist argues: 'Why not



Don Bessee

Perhaps a death knell to the overreaching bumbling administrative drones -

Judicial deference to agencies is particularly troubling given that so much of our lives is now governed by the administrative state. Agency employees aren’t legislators; they are politically unaccountable and sometimes unremovable agency bureaucrats. And yet they regulate everything from gas stoves to Greek yogurt — often prosecuting people before their own in-house judges with far less due process than courts, making the agency judge, jury and executioner.

Judicial review of agency cases is already very circumscribed. Chevron deference tilts the playing field even farther in favor of the agency. Rather than putting vastly important policy decisions back with the politically accountable Congress, and allowing judges to stand as a check on governmental overreach, Chevron deference encourages Congress to pass these difficult decisions off to their politically unaccountable friends in the executive branch and then leaves those decisions free of judicial review.

But aside from any of these technical arguments about Chevron, there’s a more basic principle at play. If you walk into court, who do you want judging your cause: the people prosecuting you or neutral judges? It’s not just the fishermen, but all of us who should want the latter.




Happy Juneteenth, where we celebrate Texas giving up their secession struggle and the freeing of their slaves.

The last slaves in the US were freed the following December 31 when Delaware had their slaves walk out their doors.

fish ole’

What did you expect….it’s Bidenworld!

Expensive Incompetence: US Giving Up On $230 Million Gaza Aid Pier

I totally get why Punch likes him….


fish ole'

"Gibs me fitty billions and three cents or teh kids edukayshun getz it"!

Headline - "Teachers union head: ‘Conservatives don’t even want black children to be able to read.’"

Perhaps....but the progressives at the Chicago Teachers Union will make sure!


Scott O

fishy 8:06 - Stacy Gates:

"That is literally a part of the oath that they take to be right wing."


It looks to me that the American leftists and Dems have adopted a tactic of complete insanity as a way to further their objectives. It's actually not a bad way for them to go. They certainly can't display any competence or achievements. And how do you form a reasoned argument against madness?

fish ole'

Posted by: Scott O | 19 June 2024 at 08:43 AM

It looks to me that the American leftists and Dems have adopted a tactic of complete insanity as a way to further their objectives.

That's Mr. scenes premise.....and as you both say it seems to be working for them! The other part of the equation is the "Stupid" factor.....for that we have the good folx at Punchy Brand Industries™ to thank for holding up their end.

George Rebane

There is so much in the above comments for our liberal and leftwing readers to respond and debunk, that is if they had a leg to stand on. Instead, as a one-tune band they continue their incessant TDS drivel. That they ignore material citations of their overall malfeasance in governance is evidence of the strongest kind that they truly are a fraud on our republic.

Don Bessee

They dont want to recognize the people are not buying what they are selling -

In Canada, like the U.S., EVs remain a tiny fraction of new car sales — indicating slowing consumer demand that both governments had wrongly predicted

At the same time, more than 1.3 million gas-powered cars were sold in Canada last year, making up the overwhelming majority of cars sold.

In the U.S., President Joe Biden is reportedly pumping the brakes on his EV mandates that would require nearly 7-in-10 new cars sold in the U.S. market to be EVs rather than gas-powered cars by 2032. The regulations would essentially mandate that American consumers buy EVs.

The report came as polls showed that Biden’s EV mandates were wildly unpopular.




"The U.S. military launched a clandestine program amid the COVID crisis to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation – payback for Beijing’s efforts to blame Washington for the pandemic."


Don Bessee

Team creepy grampa joe and the socialists cannot talk to regular folks -



fish ole'

Happy Juneteenth everyone......

Watch: Gavin Newsom's Oakland, California Transformed Into Warzone On Juneteenth

I guess nothing more need be said except that "it must have been those racist cops"!


fish ole'

Progressive priorities.....

Car Dealers Idle Across US After Second Cyberattack...

Hospital hack turns deadly as drugs given to wrong patients...

This of course is far more important...

"Senate resolution apologizes to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of LGBTQ federal employees"

Gotz to keep teh voting blocs nailed down!


Happy Juneteenth.

re: fisho@6:55AM

I had to look around for a sec for real footage. Naturally, everything on youtube is MSM where they take a one-sentence story, a 5 second clip, and some talking head tells you how they feel for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


As a side note...I went through the exercise once of trying to get youtube to not feed me pages of TV stations and the like for a given story. I used some sort of blocker and just kept at it. It was an impossible task, there were literally hundreds of MSM things that came first no matter how many I culled. It's getting harder to find original sources.


"Senate resolution apologizes to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of LGBTQ federal employees"

It would be genuinely interesting to watch the planning for something like this.

Somebody in a position of power within the (D) machine has a bright idea, election coming up and all.
Find some sponsors.
Make sure the votes are lined up.
Go to your friends in the media to make sure it's properly advertised.
Fire up your social media 'influencers'.
Execute and release in some optimized order.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

There's nothing really new here, it's the way that politics worked in ancient Rome although they were quicker with the knife work, but I'd like to know the current thinking and science behind it all.

Selling things to the hoi polloi is a refined art anymore.

Scott O

Pretty interesting - Congress has paid 17 million in hush money for sexual "misconduct". In other words tax money spent to cover for crimes.
What fed employee got hauled into court for this?
I'm sure Paul is shocked and appalled at this news as he is most upset at this sort of "hush money" crime.
Right, Paul?
You lefties are so full of shit, you can't even get off the couch to write a rebuttal.
In 1983 there were 2 congressmen found to have had sex with 17 yr old aides.
The R was booted from office but the Dems cheered their guy on and he was re-elected.
It truly does help to have no morals if you are on the left.
The great part is that Massie points out that even more tax payer dollars have been miss-used in an attempt to "influence" an election by trying Trump in court on a complete stitch-up.

fish ole'

Ethical questions? At The Washington Post?!?!

Robert Winnett Won’t Become Editor of the Washington Post

.....not since the 30's....!


Paul Emery

Wow Scott you are going back over 30 years on your 7:18 post. Also Reagan was President then. Why didn't he do something about it?

Scott O

Clueless Paul:

"Also Reagan was President then. Why didn't he do something about it?"

Paul can't read. The post had to do with congress.
And the point was proving that Trump is being brought up on fabricated crimes.
Nothing he did was illegal, Paul.
Interesting that Paul and the left think using the govt to go after innocent people to win elections is OK. That's "their democracy".

fish ole'

Posted by: Scott O | 21 June 2024 at 10:23 AM

Clueless Paul:

"Also Reagan was President then. Why didn't he do something about it?"

Remember Scott...it's not substantively different than showing a dog a card trick......!


Starlink Mini, a new product. Being introduced as an add on to Starlink service, A flat square phased array antenna, about a foot on a side.

Up to 100Mbps. First roll outs ... you got to keep the starlink service at $120 a month, and add this for $30 a month.


re: Gregory@11:38AM

I've seen those mentioned here and there. Seems cool for portability. Built-in wifi router?

It would fun to see how much money has been tossed on the fire by government for rural internet when they might as well have just tossed a few shekels to Musk. Of course, in 'progressive' land, he's become a sort of Hitler along with Trump.

On another note, I ran into a pretty good set of essays: https://pluralistic.net/ wherein I learned the word 'bezzle'.

George Rebane

re PaulE 954am - Ahh yes, another leftwing shibboleth - if it wasn't done then, then there's no sense in doing it now. This goes along with their overused 'if you can't show an existing example of what you propose, then it can't be done.'

Scott O

George 12:05 - It's worse than that. Notice that Paul wants to know why Reagan didn't "do something" about it.
No POTUS is in a legal position to do anything about a matter concerning the House or Senate ethics committee. He just doesn't want to face the fact that he's cheering on a fascist govt that runs innocent citizens through the legal mill to break them financially and politically.


"No POTUS is in a legal position to do anything about..."

Putting on my discount psychiatrist hat, maybe it's a matter of him having a need to personalize mass movements, mass effects. Minstrels, typically being hypersocial folks, want to attach a face to a policy....thus all the mewling about Trump and Reagan and whatnot. If you don't like Trump as a person, then all else follows.

The worse part about mass movements is when you are swept up into one. Like a fish ignoring water, a month's worth of political flags and a march on Sunday seems absolutely fine. I'd find a MAGA parade and vexillology in just as poor a taste. Naturally, *not* following banners and shouting slogans is usually a bad move since a)they are a successful strategy for seizing resources and b)like ants, they can smell you are not from their colony, but that's not a thing I can help.

The Estonian Fox

Bad news from 2nd Par. on page 133 of https://escholarship.org/uc/item/9js5291m

"..fossil fuels bring a number of downsides, like climate change, potential population overshoot (and associated myriad pressures on the planet), pollution and environmental damage.

More subtly, a near-complete dependence on fossil fuels has transformed human expectations in a way that could result in failure to adapt once they are no longer available. Superior substitutes are not guaranteed, and inferior replacements may not be gracefully adopted."

This is where 'superior' = small or large fusion, or M-a-M batteries (matter-anti-matter); 'Inferior' = wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, fission, biofuels, hydrogen (unless we teleport it from the sun or Jupiter). Bad times ahead, relatively soon.

Scott O

EF 3:53 - "...potential population overshoot..."

Perhaps a few more decades of unlimited mass illegal immigration will help?
I'm not worried. Humans have shown themselves to be quite adept at getting rid of excess numbers of other humans if the availability of resources for life become scarce.
One must remember that we are shutting down our own consumption of fuel such as coal so that later when the CCP takes over there will be plenty for them to ship back to China.

Scott O

scenes 1:02 - "If you don't like Trump as a person, then all else follows."

That would point to people like Paul. But he's never met Trump and most of what he claims he doesn't like about Trump is based on some lie about Trump that Paul wants to believe. I think it's more that Trump haters don't like the IDEA of Trump. Some one who would rub their faces in reality. They just can't handle it and so they end up hating the medium that brings them the message they don't want to hear.
OTOH - I've never met Trump, but from what I've seen and heard about him that is accurate, I don't think I would want to keep his company. But Trump is running for POTUS, not "My New Best Buddy". He's far from my first choice, but here we are. Vote for Biden (or whatever place-holder is inserted) or Trump.
Personally, I'd like to live out my life without the need to shoot humans dead. But sometimes needs must.


Meet Tyler Cherry, the new Biden White House Associate Communications Director.



roflmao. I just love this timeline. I never thought that so many funny things would happen in my dotage.

I think this dude might be just the thing to replace the current VP.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 23 June 2024 at 09:17 AM

The ploy has to be...."make it so crazy that it's unmockable".

Mission accomplished!

I understand Punchys™ attraction to the man (not Mr. Cherry....) and his policies.

fish ole'

The whining from the AP....simply delightful!

Conservative-backed group is creating a list of federal workers it suspects could resist Trump plans

Yep....totally beyond the pale.....progressive groups would never demonize their.....


fish ole'


Brags Joan Rivers voted for him -- but she was dead...

....like death ever stopped democrats from voting!


fish ole’

Punchy Bait……

While I’m sure that once the numbers are looked at by someone competent this will resolve itself…..nevertheless I leave this gift to you!

Trump beats Biden for ‘king of debt’ title as market braces for crush of federal bonds

Trump approved $8.4 trillion in new debt to Biden’s $4.3 trillion

The author of the piece is named “Chris Matthews” so one has to wonder…..


PS: Alas no ….not the Chris Matthews!

Don Bessee

Ya about those 51 intel 'experts' election interference -

Seventy-one percent of Americans believe accurate reporting of Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” could have altered the 2020 presidential election, TIPP Insights polling revealed in 2022.



The Estonian Fox

from the BBC - VW to invest up to $5bn in Tesla rival Rivian


“The partnership will give VW immediate access to Rivian's software allowing the German car maker to use it in its cars.”

Looks like the VW software engineers will have no problem passing the newly revised gasoline mileage test numbers with their new EVs. This time though, they (probably) won’t have to fake the mileage numbers.

fish ole'

Just wait till it's medical care.....

Millions Call IRS for Help. Two-Thirds Don't Reach Anyone...

......but it's free......!



A sad old man...

Don Bessee



Scott O

I realize that the "debate" has all the news media a-flutter, but reality grinds on:

"Ballooning U.S. budget deficit is killing the American dream"


No - USA Today.

Just like the folks that were "shocked" at Joe's performance at the debate, we'll see the financial gurus who pushed the Modern Monetary Theory being "shocked" at how large the debt has become.
"Golly - where did this come from?" they'll shriek.
I remember the left's fav financial idiot Paul Krugman claiming the debt is nothing to worry about until it reaches our nation's annual GDP. He's still at it:
"Addressing Paul Krugman's Case Against Debt Worry"

They need to hurry up that all-digital national currency thing - it will be swell.

fish ole'

Posted by: Scott O | 28 June 2024 at 08:18 AM

I think you're being a little overdramatic here Scott....after all.....we owe it to ourselves.

Scott O

"after all.....we owe it to ourselves."

And as Mencken put it - "we'll get it good and hard".

fish ole’

Posted by: Scott O | 28 June 2024 at 11:22 AM

And as Mencken put it - "we'll get it good and hard".


Scott O

"‘Now we rebuild Britain’: Triumphant Keir Starmer delivers first speech as Prime Minister as he vows to deliver change"

This should be fun. Just how Britain gets "rebuilt" is left for another day, possibly never. Sounds great to the goobers, though.
What has happened in GB should be a warning to the GOP in the US. Labor really didn't win - in fact they carried less votes on percentage than many of their defeats. It was the Conservative Party that fell apart trying to move to the center and be Labor-Lite. They became the party of standing for nothing. Obviously GB is not the US and is highly socialistic, so Labor always has an easy time of it until they have to actually rule and they fail due to Thatcher's Dictum - "...until you run out of other people's money". And that they will do in no time at all.
"But we can make a start today with the simple acknowledgement that public service is a privilege and that your government should treat every single person in this country with respect."
Right - unless you exhibit wrong-think.


The HuffPost speaks:


"...AI-generated content can be tailored to highlight President Biden’s accomplishments, clearly articulate his policies, and present a consistent, compelling message. In an era where visual mediums and quick, digestible content dominate public perceptions, AI offers an opportunity for more effective communication. These AI-enhanced videos could ensure that the public does not make decisions about the future of our democracy based on an inconveniently timed cough, stray stutter, or healthy but hobbled walk ..."

You have to admire Team Blue's spirit.

Scott O

"...that the public does not make decisions about the future of our democracy based on an inconveniently timed cough, stray stutter, or healthy but hobbled walk ..."

- or a fed prosecutor stating the only reason he isn't criminally charged is due to his senility.

- or staring off in space and unable to read simple lines from a teleprompter.

Holy shit - "a healthy, but hobbled walk...???!!"
That's class A political BS right there - what Biden Butt-Licker wrote this trash?
Ah - a Class A political slime ball grifter - that's who:
The hilarious aspect of this is the Biden admin claiming he just looks bad because of AI deep fake videos but they'll set the record straight with REAL AI fake videos!
Takes a Haw-vaurd grad to cook up that bit of crap.
But folks like Paul lap this stuff up and believe every word - because - Trump!


- or a fed prosecutor stating the only reason he isn't criminally charged is due to his senility.

C’mon Scott…..Biden said he was doing his goodest job!


"But folks like Paul lap this stuff up..."

Oh well, he's a handy stand-in for an everyman from Team Blue, although the AI running his account seems down to 3-4 possible posts.

Honest to gawd, I'd love to see him do a quick run-down on these:


Scott O

"I'd love to see him do a quick run-down on these:"

or this:


This is a good list of Dem hoaxes... I didn't believe in any of them.

What say Punch?



Metal Leo continues with his tour of San Francisco.



So what's the future for the place? Being slammed with a combination of pressure on retail by the internet, COVID, and Democratic Party Urban Zombie action seems to be no joke.

. Ends up like Carthage? Trees growing through old Walgreens?
. Fills up with a completely new set of people? Hispanic? East Asian? and they make it into another sort of place?
. Some kind of slow rebuilding once rents settle down?
. Robot overlords and/or Singularity rattles everyones' cage in an unknowable fashion.

Place yer bets.



Here's a nice list.


Scott O

Then there's Chi-Town:

"At Least 87 Shot By Sunday Morning During July 4th Weekend in Chicago"

Scott Adams and Obama agree on this one - stay the hell away from those people.



Gad Saad on Twitter:

"I've said this before but it's worth repeating: World history is defined by the following simple rule. There are two groups on either side of a river. Each covets various resources from the other group. The only thing that stops a perpetual conflict between the two groups is the realization by each group that the other will respond in equal measure (or worse) if attacked. Now imagine that the West has decided to throw away this defining dynamic that shapes this fundamental historical reality. Defending what is ours is rooted in our genes; it is a central feature of our human nature. But the West has said that we are so progressive, so empathetic, so enlightened that we are not bound by pedestrian biology. Hence, we will not defend our culture; we will not defend our heritage; we will not defend our religion; we will not defend our women; we will not defend our children; we will not defend our values. According to our Western leaders, only barbarians worry about such defensive concerns. We are open, tolerant, kind, compassionate, welcoming. No amount of evidence can convince us that other groups might do us harm. And hence, we brainwash our children who become our politicians; we rejoice in the rape of our societies because this proves that we are kind. It is a mixture of what I discussed in The Parasitic Mind and what I'll be presenting to the world in my next book Suicidal Empathy. I frankly am running out of optimism; I'm bereft of hope. I fight every day at great personal and professional cost. But how can you change anything when your society is hellbent on committing orgiastic suicide?"



Biden is now deporting more people than Trump

I imagine because after his first three years in office there are so many more available to deport…



best timeline ever.


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